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What should I do if I encounter a forest fire?

Date:2021-07-14 Hits:243

Unlike building fires, forest fires spread faster, causing serious harm to people's lives and property safety. Therefore, it is very necessary to master the correct escape method of forest fire.

Generally, forest fires are mainly over mountain fires and down-mountain fires. The fire that poses less threat to people is down-mountain fires, because the highest flame intensity is on one side of the top of the mountain, which is the upper end. The fire spreads downward slowly. If we are at the foot of the mountain, we can quickly evacuate to the safe area.

Because of the ups and downs of the forest terrain, the spread speed of the fire is different. The fire spreads faster from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain, therefore, when we encounter a mountain fire, we need to deal with it calmly.

When we encounter a mountain fire, we must first determine the intensity of the fire. Just below us, if we can hear the burning crackle and see black and yellow and red smoke, it proves that the position we stand is the position with the strongest fire intensity, the fire head position. At this time, we need to quickly transfer to the positions of fire wings on both sides.

After moving to the position where the fire is weak, we first choose to cross the fire line to escape. Before we escape, we can wet our whole body with water. If there is no water, we can smear the whole body with damp soil, which can also block the flame and temperature. Then we will choose the position where the terrain is relatively flat, the weeds and trees are sparse, and the flame height is no more than one meter.

We 'd better cover our nose and mouth with wet towels, clothes and hats when crossing. Without this kind of goods, we directly cover our nose and mouth with our hands. At the moment of crossing the fire line, we should adopt this attitude, clamp our arms, bend our bodies and lower our heads, and quickly cross the past.

If you find yourself trapped by the fire, there is really no chance to break through the fire, then you can find yourself a safe area to avoid. The safety zone should be chosen in an open area far away from dense shrubs and grass, such as open areas, rivers, roads, wasteland, areas exposed by sand and gravel, etc.

After entering the safety zone, the surrounding combustibles should be removed quickly to eliminate potential safety hazards. Experts emphasize that the method of finding a safe area is used only when it is really besieged by the fire. If there is a chance to escape, try to use the method just taught to cross the fire.

In life, we should not use fire in the mountains, do not throw cigarette butts, and avoid forest fires caused by the above behaviors. Once a forest fire is found, call the national unified special Alarm Phone "12119" to alert the forest fire at the first time.