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How to deal with worn masks?

Date:2021-06-08 Hits:339

After wearing the mask, how do you deal with it? How to deal with worn masks? Some say they should be cut off to prevent others from using it again, some say they should be burned, others say they should be scalded with boiling water and so on. How to deal with the mask? The masks we wear can be divided into three categories. One is the masks worn by patients admitted to the hospital and suspected patients; The second type is used by home isolation treatment and medical isolation observers at home; The third type is the preventive mask worn by healthy people.

1: How to deal with the masks of patients and their families?

The masks worn by the hospitalized patients and their caregivers should be treated as medical waste. The hospital has a yellow medical waste bin. Please put them in directly. Please don't throw it into the ordinary dustbin. The hospital will send these medical wastes to a special centralized disposal unit for incineration.

2: How to deal with the mask used by the medical isolation observer at home?

Put a plastic bag first, and then use 250-500ml / L chlorine disinfectant. For example, after diluting 84 disinfectant 100-200 times in proportion, spray the mask surface wet, tie the plastic bag tightly, and throw it away with domestic garbage.

3: How to deal with the preventive masks worn by healthy people?

It should be thrown into the garbage can. Before throwing it into the garbage can, it's best to fold the inside of the mask outward, roll it into a cylinder, bind it with a pocket rope, and then throw it into the garbage can. Please note that when handling the mask, try not to touch the outside of the mask. Wash hands or wipe hands with flowing water immediately after cleaning.