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Delta strain is too fierce. How can we prevent it?

Date:2021-08-06 Hits:409

Recently, many outbreaks have been serious, and it has been found to be a variant of the new crown, Delta strain. So what is Delta strain?

Delta is a variant of the new crown. Delta was the first variant of the new Crown virus found in India. After being infected by Delta strain, the early symptoms may only be fatigue, olfactory dysfunction or mild muscle soreness, which is very atypical.

What are the characteristics of delta virus?

◆ stronger transmission capacity: the transmission capacity is significantly enhanced, which is twice as high as that of other strains in the past, and more than 40% higher than that of Alpha strains found in Britain.

◆ the viral load of patients is relatively high: the viral load of infected patients is 100 times higher than that of common strains of infected patients. The risk of hospitalization for people infected with Delta variant is 1 times higher. The proportion of patients becoming severe and critical after onset is higher than before, and the time is earlier. The patient's CT value is very low. The lower the CT value, the higher the viral load in the body, and the longer the time required for nucleic acid negative conversion.

◆ The incubation period or passage interval is shortened: its incubation period and passage interval are shortened, which is about 1-2 days on average. In the past, we know that the incubation period was about 5-6 days, but now it is about 4 days. Its passage interval used to be 4 or 5 days, but now it has become about 3 days.

At present, the existing research and observation in our country also suggest that the protecting resistance of the new Crown vaccine on the prevention of delta virus may affect the development and decline, however, our current vaccine still plays an important role in the prevention and protection of delta virus.

The transmission mode of Delta has not changed much compared with the new crown, mainly through the following aspects:

◆ respiratory droplets spread: Droplets in respiratory tract splashed from sneezing, coughing and even talking carry viruses, which will cause infection to people in close contact with him;

◆ Contact with pollutant transmission: respiratory droplets and secretions pollute the surface of the object, and the virus can survive for a period of time. Others touch the surface of the contaminated object with their hands and are infected with the virus, when touching your mouth, eyes and nose, you will be infected;

◆ air transmission: or aerosol transmission, especially in indoor, narrow space with poor ventilation. If infected people cough or sneeze, very small respiratory secretion particles will be formed, can hover in the air, will be inhaled by others to cause infection, and even people who expel viruses leave this space, there will still be viruses in the air for a certain period of time, other people will cause infection after entering.

How can we prevent and control the aggressive Delta strain?

★We should continue to maintain the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, keep the wind open, and consciously abide by epidemic prevention measures; Go out to wear masks, test code temperature measurement, one-meter line and other prevention and control measures.

★Actively cooperate with the nucleic acid detection work carried out by the epidemic prevention and control department in our region;

★Reduce unnecessary parties, try to share public chopsticks when eating out, and wash your hands before eating.

★The most important thing is to get the new Crown vaccine. At present, vaccination is the most effective measure to prevent diseases, so everyone must pay attention to it and take action!

★If your body has symptoms such as fever, cough, diarrhea, fatigue, etc., please go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

Tips: we must not take it lightly and actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing. Remember to wear masks. We can work together to defeat this battle!

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