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How to choose a mask?

Date:2021-06-03 Hits:332

How to choose medical mask? What is the difference between different masks? What is the difference between medical protective mask and medical surgical mask? Which is good?

At present, the domestic medical masks are mainly divided into three categories, namely, medical protective masks, medical surgical masks and general medical masks.

1. Medical mask:

The production shall conform to gb19083-2010 technical requirements for medical protective masks, and strictly follow the specific indicators of the standard, including the technical indexes such as filtration efficiency, suction resistance, mask penetration, etc., and the performance of nose clamps.

2. Medical surgical mask:

The production shall meet the technical requirements of medical surgical mask (yy0469-2011), including filtration efficiency, bacterial filtration efficiency, respiratory resistance, nose clamp and mask belt performance, synthetic blood penetration performance, flame retardant performance, ethylene oxide residue, skin irritation, microbial index, etc.

3. General medical mask:

It is necessary to meet the requirements of relevant registered product standards (yzb) for filtration efficiency of particles and bacteria, or the filtration efficiency requirements for particles and bacteria are lower than those of medical surgical masks and medical masks. They cannot be used for clinical invasive operation or clinical related protection purposes, * * play a certain mechanical barrier effect on dust particles or aerosols.

What is the difference between medical protective mask and medical surgical mask?

Medical mask has the function of medical surgical mask at the same time, and the filtration efficiency of particles is higher than that of medical surgical mask, * * mainly for splash prevention.

In contrast, if the user needs to be in close contact with patients with respiratory tract infection, it is recommended to wear medical protective masks. If there are only some risks, but there are problems that may be contacted, medical surgical masks can meet the needs.

As for which of the two masks, the protective ability of medical masks is indeed stronger than that of medical surgical masks. As for how to choose, we need to judge their living environment and protection needs.

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