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What should I do if the summer mask is stuffy?

Date:2021-08-05 Hits:397

Summer is coming, and the weather is stuffy. We feel stuffy after wearing masks, but if we don't wear them, we can't protect ourselves. We can be described as "killing each other in love" with masks ". In fact, wearing a mask is stuffy, which means that the way we wear masks is correct. Not stuffy is not a good performance. Now the weather is relatively hot, and many people no longer wear masks as strictly as before, which may make the virus take advantage of it. Let's have a look:

The reason why we wear masks in summer is that when we wear masks, the masks fit closely with the face, forming a relatively closed space, so wearing masks will be stuffy. Moreover, when the ambient temperature is high, the heat of exhaled gas cannot be dissipated in time, just like a bad traffic jam. The vehicles that should be evacuated cannot leave, which makes the jam more and more severe. Heat and water vapor disks stand in the mouth and nose, and naturally feel stuffy and hot.

In fact, wearing a mask can not only prevent viruses, but also remove the feeling of dampness on the face as long as you pay attention to the following points.

1. Choose a thin mask:

It is recommended not to choose masks with poor air permeability and heavy weight such as N95 for daily travel, but to wear disposable medical masks or surgical masks.

2. Good skin care:

When wearing a mask, it is easy to have dry skin. Therefore, clean and moisturize the skin in the morning and evening.

3. Dot coating emollients:

For people who need to wear masks for a long time, it is recommended to apply emollients on nose bridge, cheekbones, ear and other parts, which can not only reduce the friction between masks and skin, but also protect skin.

4. Make a knot on mask scarf:

The mask we usually wear can be knotted at one end of the mask rope and the other end like before. After knotting, we put one end of our mouth into the mask, and the other end is the same. After finishing, we pull one end to the inside of the mask, and you will find a large space in the middle of the mask.

5. Wear a spare mask:

Summer masks have been worn for a long time. Because the exhaled gas cannot be dispersed in time, it will get wet, so we need to wear spare masks.

Tips: Don't throw away the masks we have worn. Experts have repeatedly stressed that different garbage has different treatment methods, and medical waste cannot be mixed with ordinary garbage. Masks that are worn daily can be treated as ordinary domestic waste. Masks worn when taking care of patients should be treated according to medical waste.