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How to prevent myopia?

Date:2021-07-14 Hits:257

How is myopia formed?

The formation and development of myopia mainly include the following factors:

1. Genetic factors: if parents or close relatives have patients with high myopia, the possibility of teenagers suffering from myopia or increasing degree during their development will be higher.

2. Environmental factors: lifestyle is an important cause of myopia. Long-term, close and overloaded eyes will increase the possibility of myopia. Experiments show that outdoor activities lacking natural light and staying at home for a long time will increase the probability of myopia.

3. Electronic device induction: in addition to traditional paper books, excessive use of e-books, tablet computers, mobile phones, etc. is also an important factor leading to myopia.

What should I do if my eyes are short-sighted? How to prevent it?

● For people with myopia, adults can improve myopia through minimally invasive surgery. For middle-aged and elderly people, to correct myopia, they need to take full care of their eyes so as to reduce visual fatigue.

● In daily life, participate in outdoor activities under natural light, for example, outdoor activities over 7 hours a week can help prevent and control myopia. In addition, optical intervention or drug intervention can be carried out, personalized selection can be made, and the most suitable prevention and control means can be found according to the doctor's advice. If medication is really needed, such as low-concentration atropin, follow the doctor's advice and analyze the specific situation.