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24 solar terms, how much do you know?

Date:2021-07-24 Hits:344

24 Solar Terms common sense, how much do you know?

Beginning of Spring public February 3-4: Moral: Spring officially begins. Food Customs: spring pancake, spring roll, spring plate, radish, Haruna, wo orange, apple, pear, banana

Rainwater public February 18-19: implication: the rainfall begins and the rainfall increases gradually. Eating customs: Rice color, shipping, honey, spinach, spring buds, spring bamboo shoots, leeks, oranges

Stung public from March 5 to 6: moral: the weather is getting warmer and spring thunder begins to sound. Food Customs: fried insects, taro, pancakes, baked beans, pomegranate, strawberry, pear

Spring Equinox public from March 20 to 21: Moral: day and night are almost equal. Eating customs: vertical eggs, spring cattle, Spring Festival, Haruna, radish, fried Chop Rice cake, Sun cake, cabbage, apple, banana

Qing Ming public April 4-6: Moral: worship ancestors and cherish the memory of martyrs. Food Customs: to swing, tomb sweeping, green, mushroom warming bag, Sanzi, egg, wormwood cake, Green Date

Gu Yu public April 19-20: moral: the cold tide ends and the temperature rises. Food Customs: Picking Tea, fishing family offering sea, Eating toona sinensis, black rice, leek, coriander, loquat, pineapple

Beginning of Autumn public August 6-9: Moral: beginning of autumn, summer heat will cool. Eating customs: paste autumn fat, eggplant, meat, cold cake, dumplings, chili, sauteed green beans, Autumn Peach, watermelon

Public heat treatment August 22-34: Moral: it means that the hot summer vacation is about to pass. Food Customs: Travel to welcome autumn, put river lanterns, brewing medicines tea, soybean, mushroom, wine, duck, seafood, longans, Apple

White dews public September 7-8: moral: the weather has turned cold. Food Customs: collect clear Dew, sacrifice Yu Wang, eat longans, drink green tea, rice wine, longans, sweet potato, pomegranate, Persimmon

Autumn Equinox public September 22-24: Moral: in the middle of autumn, day and night are equal. Food Customs: Autumn sacrifice Moon, send autumn cattle, fly kites, vertical eggs, autumn vegetables, eat tangyuan, QIULI, carambola, passion fruit

Cold Dew public October 7-9: moral: the temperature is lower than that of white dews. Eating customs: climbing high, autumn fishing, eating flower cake, chrysanthemum wine, sesame, chestnut, Persimmon, Hawthorn, jujube

Frost fall Public October 23-24: moral: the weather is getting colder and frost begins to fall. Eating customs: chrysanthemum appreciation, tonic, radish, beef, mutton, duck meat, Persimmon, orange, olive, grapefruit.

Beginning of winter public November 7-8: Moral: indicates the beginning of winter. Food Customs: Yingdong, He Dong, swimming, food supplement, dumplings, mutton soup, ginger duck, pomelo, grapes, citrus, Hawthorn.

Xiaoxue public November 22-23: implication: there will be snow in north China. Eating customs: eat glutinous rice, marinated bacon, dried fish, mutton, winter bamboo shoots, lettuce, banana, kiwi fruit, Apple.

Heavy snow public December 7-8: moral: the weather gets colder and the amount of snow increases. Eating customs: drink sweet potato porridge, watch river closure, mix sugar, red sticky porridge, mutton, lotus root, Apple, grapefruit, sugar cane, Horseshoe

Winter Solstice Public December 21-23: Moral: cold is coming. Eating customs: worship ancestors, drink mutton soup, dumplings, chaos, tangyuan, mutton soup, fried glutinous rice cake stuffed with bean paste, cherry, apples.

Xiao Han public January 5-6: Moral: enter the most Hideg napok of the year. Eating customs: eat congee with nuts and dried fruits, rice, sticky rice, Apple, sugar cane, jujube, navel orange.

Great Cold public January 19-21: moral: the coldest time comes.