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How much do you know about the Three-volt Patch?

Date:2021-07-19 Hits:314

When it comes to dog days, we will think of dog pads. How much do you know about Three-volt Patch? Let's take a look with Siyuan medical manufacturer:

In summer, qi and blood flow is vigorous through the human body, and drugs are most likely to be absorbed. However, the three-volt period is the most vigorous time of the year. At this time, application treatment is carried out, which is the easiest to restore and help the Yang Qi of the human body, strengthen the function of social defense system and improve the resistance of its own body. Because we do acupoint application combined therapy in dog days, it is called "Three-volt Patch".

The function of Three-volt Patch: dredge channels and collaterals, regulate qi and blood, widen chest and reduce Qi, tonic effects on the spleen and the stomach, encourage Yang Qi, regulate the lung and spleen function of our human body, and continuously develop and enhance the immune system function of the body, therefore, it can achieve the effects of inspiring Yang Qi, promoting blood Plan-Do-Check-action and eliminating cold and evil.

How to paste Three-volt Patch? Three-volt Patch is used to observe application drug therapy at the beginning, middle and end of the Volt, usually three times a patch.

Three-volt Patch is only applicable to diseases such as Yang deficiency, lung qi deficiency, deficiency and cold pain, immune system diseases, respiratory system diseases, digestive system and so on. For more information, please consult a professional doctor.

Although Three-volt Patch are good, they are not suitable for everyone. Pregnant women, people allergic to drugs, patients with severe skin diseases, patients with disease onset, patients with malignant diseases, patients with Yin deficiency constitution and cold onset are not suitable for sticking triplicate plaster.

Three-volt Patch cannot be followed blindly. Relevant experts remind that "Three-volt Patch" cannot replace our daily life treatment. For a variety of chronic diseases in the elderly, it cannot be completely cured by winter disease being cared in summer. "Three-volt Patch" only enables patients to reduce the risk of attack or prevent the continuous development of the disease, and cannot completely replace normal drug clinical treatment.

What are the precautions for Three-volt Patch? Let's take a look with Siyuan hospital bed manufacturer:

① drugs, acupuncture points and seasons are the Three-volt Patch that make Sanfu plaster work. Each patch lasts for 2-6 hours and will not affect bathing and other problems;

② the acupuncture points can be opened after application, be careful not to blow the wind, and try to choose to stay in the natural environment at normal temperature;

③ keep warm, do not covet coolness, do not enter the air-conditioned room directly, and keep your body sweating slightly after use, so that the body's Yang Qi will fully develop.

Siyuan hospital bed manufacturer warm reminder: everyone has different constitution and different reactions to drugs. Even if they suffer from winter diseases, not everyone is suitable, post according to your own situation and doctor's advice. Trivolt application is not a specific drug for treating chronic diseases and cannot completely replace other treatments. Patients with chronic diseases who used to take medicine should not blindly reduce drugs or stop drugs.

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