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What is a pocket?

Date:2021-07-19 Hits:344

Pocket making is a common clinical product, which plays an important role and significance for some patients. It is mainly used for storing containers of human excrement, such as urine and feces.

What is the purpose of making pockets?

There are two layers of sphincter around the anus of human body. Their function is mainly to control the excretion of feces, but after stoma operation, the sphincter will lose its effect, that is to say, our body will "lose the function of anus" at this time, and the discharge of feces will not be controlled by Body Consciousness. In order to avoid "incontinence" under some special circumstances ", therefore, it is necessary to use the ostomy bag to directly drop the excrement in the body into the ostomy bag to reduce or reduce the embarrassment and inconvenience when the excrement is discharged.

So what is the difference between them?

One-piece type: usually disposable, with cut opening, simple and easy to use, suitable for people with flexible hands and feet, the elderly.

Two-piece type: The bag can be separated from the chassis, and the stoma can be taken care of without tearing the chassis. The bag can be easily replaced to protect the skin around the stoma; The chassis can be cut according to the shape of the stoma; when a floating ring chassis is used to make a pocket, it does not need to pressurize the abdomen so as to protect the stoma; However, for patients with intestinal mouth prolapse and hernia beside the stoma, try not to make a pocket with two pieces. Fashion choice concave around the stoma, convex chassis.

1. The pocket film is composed of PE high barrier membrane co-extruded with more than three layers or EVA, TPE membrane, etc. The film thickness is 12 silk. Soft, comfortable, low friction sound, good odor insulation effect.

2. With activated carbon filter inside, it can not only easily exhaust to avoid bag inflation, but also have a good elimination effect on peculiar smell.

3. Multi-layer ironing process is adopted to prevent the excrement from flowing back and soaking active carbon pieces to deactivate. The ironing and closing edges are tight, without leakage, and the edges are neat and beautiful.

4. Various forms, comfortable and convenient to use.


In fact, after intestinal stoma surgery, it is only the change of defecation position and habit. The original digestion and absorption function of intestinal stoma is not lost, so we only need to cooperate and pay attention in daily life, you can enjoy delicious food like normal people. After intestinal stoma surgery, the initial diet should be gradually carried out by liquid-semi-liquid-general food. The food should be clean, hygienic and fresh, and eat less fried and stimulating food; during the rehabilitation period, we should eat food quantitatively, chew slowly, prevent overeating, and eat less foods that are prone to gas, such as beans, cabbage, leeks, onions, sweet potatoes, carbonated drinks, etc. The solution to prevent constipation is to drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise properly, and use drugs under the guidance of doctors when necessary. Ileostomata should not eat leek and other high fiber foods to prevent obstruction of stomata.

From the scope of use, 2-piece ostomy bag is more popular with patients than one-piece pockets. In some special cases, one-piece pockets are needed, only one-piece pocket can be used. From a certain point of view, one-piece pocket is also an irreplaceable product.

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