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Can drinking tea replace drinking water?

Date:2021-07-24 Hits:334

Water is the source of life, and our human body 70% is water, so water is indispensable to us. Some people drink water to replenish water, while others drink tea, because the plain boiled water is dull and tasteless, and the tea is fragrant and healthy. So is it a healthy habit to replace plain boiled water with tea? Let's take a look at Siyuan medical devices below:

Tea culture has a long history in China, and people have been paying close attention to the health preserving effect of tea. Studies have found that catecholamine, tea polyphenols and other substances in tea have certain effects on reducing body weight, resisting inflammation, controlling blood sugar and preventing neurodegenerative diseases. However, this type of studies are mostly animal experiments. As for whether it will work in humans, further research is needed. Therefore, theoretically speaking, 2 to 3 cups of light tea a day is enough, but the hope of strengthening the body cannot be pinned on the tea.

Tea contains tea polyphenols, but there are also caffeine and oxalic acid. If you eat too much, you may not be able to eat it. Specifically, people's daily caffeine intake should be controlled within 400mg. About 150ml of tea contains 40-70mg of caffeine, and the coffee content in repeatedly brewed tea is higher. If a large cup of tea is brewed for one day or is completely replaced by tea, it is likely that the intake of caffeine exceeds the standard. It is not only very unfavorable to patients with hyperlipidemia, but also can induce symptoms such as heart rate acceleration and palpitations. Excessive intake of oxalic acid can also stimulate gastric mucosa, resulting in stomach discomfort. So it is best to drink 2-3 cups of light tea a day. In addition, don't drink too hot tea immediately. Hot drinks above 65℃ will increase the risk of esophageal cancer. Although overnight tea is not carcinogenic, there may be a large number of bacteria breeding, causing gastrointestinal maladjustment to avoid drinking.

So how can drinking water be healthier?

For drinking water, it is more important to develop a good habit of drinking enough water and drinking water regularly than to struggle with the types of water.

1. Daily drinking water is quantitative, and these people should drink water according to the doctor's advice.

How much water to drink every day should be considered according to life for different people Environment, eating habits and physical condition. Under the condition that the environmental humidity is basically appropriate and light physical labor does not sweat a lot, adult men recommend 1700 ml of drinking water and 1500 ml of women every day.

When the climate is dry, the amount of drinking water needs to be increased to make up for the loss of water evaporation. In hot summer, when sweating heavily, you need to drink more water to supplement the water lost in sweat. It is better to add some minerals and soluble vitamins. When you have a cold and a fever, the water evaporated from the skin also increases, additional water needs to be added; After eating too salty or eating too much protein-containing food, more water needs to be added.

The drinking water management of patients with impaired renal function, kidney stones, gout patients and edema due to various reasons is different from that of ordinary healthy people, doctors and nutritionists need to be asked to determine the specific water intake and drinking method according to the condition.

2. Take the initiative to drink water. Don't wait until you are thirsty.

When you feel thirsty, your body has lost 2% of its moisture and your skin will be damaged. Therefore, we should form a good habit of taking the initiative to replenish water regularly. However, don't drink too much at a time, and drink a glass of water every two hours on average.

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